Gist of e-NIT hiring of helicopter on wet lease basis (17.01.2017)

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Ever since the human race came into existence, man always cherished the dream of being able to fly like a bird. Various flying gigs and efforts were witnessed as time went by but none succeeded till the dawn of the Twentieth Century when the now famous Wright Brothers made the first recorded flight in Ohio, USA in 1903. It may be noted that there is mention of an aircraft design in ancient Indian scriptures too. Aviation and later space technology saw the most rapid advances by mankind resulting in modern aircraft flying at tremendous speeds and highest altitudes. With the advent of and rapid progress made in computer technology, modern flying machines have achieved a very high reliability quotient which has in turn witnessed a phenomenal growth in aircraft and air traffic even in a developing country as ours.

The state government of Jammu and Kashmir started flying operation in 1987 using one Cheetah SA315B helicopter from Srinagar Airport. Subsequently a hanga


E-Tender No 1 of 2021 Hiring of Fixed Wing Aircraft.





Aims & Objectives

The State of Jammu and Kashmir nestles between the lofty Himalayas to the North and Northeast, down to the plains bordered by the Ravi River to the South and the Southeast. Because of the varied terrain obtaining in the state, surface communications are long and arduous and the need had been felt for long to have an aviation organization set up under the direct control of the State Government.

The induction of helicopters, initially was done to facilitate movement of VIPs for meeting various administrative and public commitments of these dignitaries such a His Excellency the Governor (HEG) and the Hon’ble Chief Minister (HCM) and senior government and police functionaries. With the onset of militancy in the state this need grew manifold, urging the induction of another helicopter to facilitate the frequent movement of the state VIPs and other state functionariesfor frequent meetings and consultations with members of the Central Government...

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